DM1993-04-05 · Prism Coffee House

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        Taper: Unknown
        Recording Source:  FM -> Cassette (unknown generation) -> CD
        Conversion: CD > flac > wav > flac
        Editing: Cool Edit Pro v2.1
        Compiled By: 
        File Source:


  1. Intro 01:38
  2. Minarets 04:55
  3. Lie In Our Graves 04:48
  4. Satellite 04:22
  5. Best of What’s Around 04:03
  6. Christmas Song 06:43
  7. Typical Situation 05:24

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Entire show Dave solo

This was a benefit fundraiser for WTJU 91.1-FM in Charlottesville.

The recording has low levels, some hiss, and a weird pitch that makes it sound like it was recorded in a tin can. Carter is in the audience with Kristen (Asbury?). This recording is missing Nancies, Angel From Montgomery, and PFWYG.

These rare older shows have been collected and converted through a collaborative effort to get them into circulation. Sometimes these shows do not have the best sound quality (and maybe that’s why they aren’t circulated much to begin with), but people should have access to them.

Thanks to Mary Ann Lawry for the CD source used for the conversion.

Compiled By Adam Nelson on November 5, 2006

Update by Henry Hart on 11.25.06: This show’s volume was very low when I go tit, so I normalized to 100% in Cool Edit Pro v2.1 and retracked.