DMB1992-03-24 · Trax

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        Taper: Unknown
        Recording Source: ASBD (unknown generation)
        Conversion: CD > flac > wav > flac
        Editing: CD Wave v1.93.3
        Compiled By: 
        File Source:


  1. People, People 05:14
  2. Boyd/LeRoi Jam 03:58
  3. Typical Situation 05:10 1

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The recording quality is a bit rough, but still well worth a listen.

These rare older shows have been collected and converted through a collaborative effort to get them into circulation. Sometimes these shows do not have the best sound quality (and maybe that’s why they aren’t circulated much to begin with), but people should have access to them.

Thanks to Rob Jones for the CD source used for the conversion.

Compiled By Adam Nelson on Sept 23, 2006

UPDATE by Henry Hart on 11.16.06: This show came with 5 other songs starting the show. They are clearly not from the same performance as the last 3 songs were and may actually be demos and not parts of a live show. I took them out and tweaked these songs in Cool Edit Pro v2.1. There is a tape cut after People people, so who knows if these songs are even from the same show. The crowd noise and sound makes me think that it is, and there are so few People People copies out there that we have decided to let this one out.

  1. End of song was cut off