DMB1992-02-13 · Cole Hall, Bridgewater College

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        Taper: Unknown
        Recording Source: SBD > Cassette (unknown generation) > CD
        Conversion: CD > flac: EAC (secure mode, all tracks 100%) > WAV > flac
        Editing: CD Wave v1.93.3
        Compiled By: 
        File Source:


  1. Ants Marching 05:06
  2. The Song That Jane Likes 03:32
  3. Best of What’s Around 06:41
  4. Angel From Montgomery 04:30 1
  5. All Along The Watchtower 06:39
  6. Lover Lay Down 06:25
  7. Satellite 00:49
  8. Cry Freedom 05:53
  9. Jimi Thing 07:36
  10. So Much To Say 04:12 2
  11. Tripping Billies 05:15
  12. The Maker 05:52
  13. Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard 05:58
  14. Warehouse 07:25
  15. What Would You Say 03:43

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This is a really old recording. It sounds pretty decent. This show was videotaped in what is the oldest DMB show videotaped that has ever found its way into circulation. I am not sure if this is audio taken from the video or if it’s a separate SBD patch.

There is some hiss, but not too much.

Satellite is cut, most of the song is missing.

Recently & True Reflections are listed on the setlist archives, but they are not on this recording.

This may contain the earliest recorded version of SMTS. Dave mentions that Boyd originally wrote the song but “It’s changed a lot since then.”

There is a dropout in The Maker for about 1.5 seconds.

Me & Julio is missing the very beginning part of the song.

WWYS is cut off at the end of the recording.

Dave mentions “Most of what we do are originals. We’ll do a couple of covers for ya, done in an odd way.”

These rare older shows have been collected and converted through a collaborative effort to get them into circulation. Sometimes these shows do not have the best sound quality (and maybe that’s why they aren’t circulated much to begin with), but people should have access to them.

Thanks to Dan Pyrik for the CD source used for the conversion.

Compiled By Adam Nelson on November 5, 2006

Update by Henry Hart on November 15, 2009: After a 3-year hiatus, I’m back! I went to Cool Edit Pro v2.1 and did a 50/50 channel mix to mono since the audio was not stereo vand moved heavily to the left channel; normalized to 100%; used an FFT filter to cut starting at 8,000Hz to 14,000Hz and everything above; faded out Satellite and What Would You Say; and deleted the silence between each track.

  1. John Prine Cover 

  2. Dave & Peter Only